"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quick Update

A Quick Update:

Rachel had a rough night - she needed some morphine once to help her breathe more easily. She is barely eating - which is ok, she likely doesn't feel hungry. (20 mls in 12 hours yesterday). This is because her body is transferring any available oxygen to what is vital for life - which right now is breathing.  She has been very lethargic for the most part.  We are focussing on keeping her comfortable.  We don't have reasons to think these are signs of the end.  She may bounce back from this, as she has the previous times.  But her heart does appear to be in a more fragile state again.  

Our plans have changed again for today.  Dave is going to take Ethan to preschool and attend his Christmas 'concert' (15 min) at the end of his class.  He'll probably stop by at home for a few things and try and get some work done.  I am disappointed about missing Ethan's concert - he has some lines to say that he knows perfectly.  But this seems to be the best option right now. We had all planned to go home every day this week while staying here for nights, but we may end up spending more time here.  We'll have to take it  one day at a time again.  We're pretty familiar with what that means already.  


I'm still feeling shaky, like I am barely holding things together.  It feels like we're right back on the day when she first had this episode.  It also didn't help that Abigail was waking up with terrible nightmares yesterday.  (and our night was so disrupted) I wouldn't be surprised if our kids are feeling the changes in our home. Thank-you so much for your prayers.  We all need His strength and peace today. 



Sharon said...

Peace be with you. Be gentle with yourself and make eye contact with Dave and the children - it is important to strengthen ourselves with loving connection during times of trauma. Breathe deeply. Can you spare an hour to get a massage Kendra?
I am praying that sweet Rachel feels stronger and comfortable. Praying for relief for all of you. Love, Sharon.

Carol Taves said...

Praying for peace, strength, courage for you and Dave, and peace and security for Abigail and Ethan. I SO wish we were close enough to come and help you hold things together - physically and emotionally. Or at least play with the kids and give you opportunity to just fall apart now and then. We lift you up before our great and merciful God - He WILL be with you through all the hard times. Love you.

Brenda Funk said...

I will echo both of the above comments! I've been quite weepy this morning, wishing so much we were closer. Love MOM

The Davis Family said...

I am praying so hard for comfort for Rachel, and the rest of your family. We are thinking of you often, and hold you very close to our hearts.

fiona said...

dear friends - steve, i and the kids continue to hold you all up in prayer daily. may God's peace which passes understanding, guard your hearts and minds in christ jesus . . . we love you so much and pray God gives you what you need abundantly to walk moment by moment through this dark and difficult journey.

Valerie Ruth said...

praying for you always. the distance between us seems so unfair.

Janet said...

Sometimes we"I"feel so lost for words.When we feel we can't hold things together anymore,we know Jesus can. When we hear "I am praying for you"I know how I feel.I feel His strength on me,& knowing I am NOT alone...Peace & strength be with you all.You are loved.
Janet M

amandadahmes said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you ..
I check for your updates everyday so please keep em coming when you can.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Kendra,
Once again I cry out urgently to the Lord for you and Dave, both of your precious little girls and for little Ethan as he speaks his lines today.