"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out of Sorts

Thank-you everyone for reading these updates and for keeping us in your thoughts!! We also want to say Thank-you to an anonymous Giver - we received your generous money gift in the church offering two Sundays ago! We have been blessed by all of you in so many ways.  Thank-you. 

We are all feeling out of sorts this week. Although living at the Hospice has given us more rest - we are finding scheduling a challenge.  With Ethan starting playschool this week, dentist apointments, Dave's work and one vehicle, we have been a bit frazzled.  Living out of two homes is crazy sometimes, although we are so incredibly thankful for the Hospice!  This morning, Dave brought us all home for the day before going to work. Usually the kids seem happy about being home - but I can tell that the kids also feel out of sorts - they are probably picking up on our stress. 

Rachel is doing very well. Sadly, the new formula mix is not helping her to go longer between feeds.  And we think it might be making her more constipated.  So we are going back to the original mix.  Good news is that we have been approved for 50 hours of night respite care.  We were really surprised and thankful to get this much! The downside is that is has turned out to be more complicated than we thought.  This means doing payroll, and possibly paying more out of our pocket to make it worthwhile for someone to consider taking the job.  We have found a few people who are very interested but we haven't had time to get the details worked out yet. 

Rachel has been so responsive to us.  The staff have taken her into the Multi-sensory room at the Hospice a few times - it is a room to stimulate the senses (intended for kids with developmental challenges) - with lava lights, vibrating tables, a water bed etc... Rachel really loves the lights. She has also been doing a bit of tummy time!! She is even lifting her head a little bit from this position.  It's great seeing her do these things!  She is so tiny, newborn size and yet she is developing in her own way - and looking like an older baby.

Dave's parents were just out for five days.  They lived at our house and visited us at the Hospice.  It was wonderful having them here!  One huge gift they gave us was a birthday party for Abigail.  (it's actually her third party but this time she had some little friends her age - three sisters that she is quite enthralled with!) They cleaned the house and got everything ready, and even made little take-home bags for the kids. 
I think my cold is finally on its way out - three weeks later.  I slept last night for the first time.  Sleep makes such a difference! Two more nights before we are back on full-duty Rachel care.  We will be home Saturday morning. 


fawne said...

kendra....you are ever in our prayers.
"Oh Father....I plead for You to show Yourself strong on behalf of my dear friend. I know that YOU understand the groaning of my heart, which I can't put into words. You know so much better than I do what she needs. Whatever that is please help her to see that it's there for her. Help her to know without any doubt whatsoever that as she looks back and sees "just one set of footprints" that it IS INDEED because YOU are carrying her."
We love you guys and are so proud of how you continue walking...moment by moment...one day at a time. Prayers and prayers and hugs and hugs.

fiona said...

kendra, i am so happy to hear you have been approved for night respite. i have been thinking and praying for you through these last nights as i have been awake with simon and realizing how dreadfully exhausted you must be having to get bottles ready, feed them, burp rachel and then make sure she is sleeping again. we will pray that the details can be easily worked out and that you don't have to pay anything out of pocket for this gift of sleep!! happy birthday rachel!!!

Janet said...

Kendra I am so glad that cold is clearing up...Prayers are continuing to go out your way.It sure does make a difference if you don't get enough sleep.We will pray that a good restful sleep will come to you.

How does Ethan like preschool?And to Abigail.Happy 3rd birthday.I have a niece that turned 3 in April.Aislyn..who is still waiting to have that surgery & Kobi turned 3 in July.It is such a sweet age.Bless you all.
Much love & prayers
Janet M :)

paige said...

i love this blog - It is such a beautiful picture of the balance between agony, joy, peace... & it's all immersed in a deep Trust.
i appreciate the courage that it takes to leave yourselves vulnerable like you have.
Thank you so much.

Kathy and Carl said...

What a blessing to have your parents come and to host a birthday party for Abigail. Something really special in the midst of feeling out of sorts. Thanks for the updates and we continue to pray for you all.

Brenda Funk said...

It was such a joy to spend time with you all! So wonderful to see Rachel's smiles and efforts to connect, cooing and waving her hands! At the same time we recognize the courage it takes to refocus and think of this as your new life -- overwhelming at times for sure. Praying for you all -- Love MOM

Anonymous said...

"I can rest in your faithfulness"...that's the song I'm listening to. My heart is touched by your story. Elmer & Brenda were my youth leaders hundreds of years ago and I've recently connected with your mother-in-law via facebook. She told me about your blog. Bless you. What an incredible testimony and how beautiful that you obviously are "resting" in the love of God' Bless you! Mary Kehler Giesbrecht