"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Our Date

Dave and I went on a date, planned by me, last night.   I had so many ideas about how to make this evening special! Many of them were your suggestions (thank-you) but I also did some research of my own, and ended up with quite the list.  And to be honest, I ended up feeling kind of overwelmed with the decision. (yeah, I'm not the best at decision making) And some ideas didn't work out because I couldn't find a babysitter for that particular day. So.....I decided to do something simple, one of our old fall back dates, with a bit of a twist.  We ended up having a great time.  

Because just going out for dinner, the two of us, is pretty darn special!!  

I wrote out little rhymed poems to give him a hint about the next place we were going and he had to guess. (well mostly rhymed) And along the way, we answered questions from this book!

1st Hint:
"We ate this food for almost a year
In a country that became quite dear
This restaurant is not far away
Pick your favorite dish and I will pay!"

Answer: A nearby Chinese restaurant (very authentic food, almost like what we had in Beijing) For the last 5 or so years this is the place Dave *almost always* wants to go. But pregnancy and Chinese food for me doesn't mix.  And I just haven't felt like Chinese in a very long time.  Poor guy.  Our food was pretty good, ALOT of green beans - I think that dish was meant for 10 people! Next time, the Peking Duck.  We know they serve a ton of things that aren't on their menu:)

Dave wore an orange sweater in memory of the ratted Thrift shop one he wore to our first date! I have fond memories of him in that old thing:)
 2nd hint:
"When we walk, this helps us talk...And the place we're going to rymes with Larry Binds.
Walk one time around the loop, so we can walk off all that soup!"
Answer: Prairie Winds Park
(too dark for pictures)

3rd hint:
"This next place sells used things like clothes and books and rings
Buy me something silly to wear to make the others stare."
Answer: Thrift Store
(and I had to do the same for him)

Dave was nice to me.  He bypassed the pink wig (!) and chose a scarf and a yellow belt (the belt was too small though)
Here we are....at the last place.

4th hint:
"Let's take another walk down memory lane. Perhaps hot milk with candy cane?"
Answer: Second Cup (the place where we had our first real date, except now we're in Calgary and the first date was in Osbourne Wpg) The evening ended with me giving Dave a present that I had ordered online for us. And then we went home....to our kids already in bed! Wonderful.

Anyone want to buy a beautiful flowered shirt and scarf?? Because I think we're done with them now....


Kathy said...

Sounds like fun. Love the poems that lead to the next place on the date. Way to rock that orange sweater Pastor Dave...not a color just everyone can wear..I particularly like it layered underneath your floral shirt. But, but, but where's the cowboy hat?????
~ Kathy D.

Valerie Ruth said...

awesome! i think i bought dave that orange sweater!!

Brenda Funk said...

Yeah, and when Dave wore the orange a long time ago, it wasn't even close to being an 'in' colour! I'm so glad you had lots of green beans -- they're definitely Dave's favourite.

Mary said...

Kendra, you are so much fun. Will you take me out on a date? Ha! I am so inspired by you...you have totally given me great ideas to treat Adam. That books looks awesome too, I wonder if they have it in e-book form? How awesome would it be if the 4 of us could go on a double date sometime (and leave the kids at home to play together)? Maybe this could really happen someday? I've never been to Canada before... Being back over here makes us think about you guys all the time. I think Dave in particular would be excited about the variety of chocolates now available here. Love and miss you.

David F said...

Don't I have the most incredible wife?? The most amazing friend and parable of grace and agape.

Val, that is totally the same sweater you bought me years ago - i even wore it in China in 03/04!
Kathy, I saw the pile of cowboy hats in value village and was very nervous that that would be what I would have to wear - that was a close one!
Mary, it would be absolutely awesome to go out on a date with you guys sometime. It would be amazing to host you guys up here. If you ever get the chance... or if you ever need to find a church in canada to speak at when you're back about the work you're doing... let us know!!

Kathy and Carl said...

How wonderful to hear about that awesome date. I love the poems and the creativity.

Bev said...

Girl, you did AWESOME!!!! Your date sounded like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

Janet said...

Way to go! Sounds like a wonderful time.Good for you guys.
Good plan to do the dates more often. Love it :) Hmmm! I think I need to talk to my husband.
Bless you guys
Janet M

Kathy D. said...

Dave/Kendra I am wondering if you know about this: http://www.cschurch.ca/event/2011-12-03-roses-in-december/

for those who have lost loved ones throughout the year. our friends whose son passed are going.

anyways I just thought I'd pass the link along in case you don't know about it and want to go.