"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yes, we're home!

....and I think the jet lag is finally wearing off.  It is so good to be home again, if even for a little while.  Next week Dave and I will be at a marriage retreat!!! I'm not sure what to expect because we have never done this before but I am starting to look forward to it.  I think it is a good time for it too. While Berlin was amazing and we were really happy about spending time with Jenn and Paul in their home, it was also a pretty difficult time relationally for Dave and myself.  I have his permission to say that. (his suggestion actually) We might even write a post one day, together, about our time there and how the last few years of stress, grieving the loss of Rachel etc... has affected us.  (And I'm sure there was the normal stresses of being on vacation together too!) We are doing much better now and our three days in Prague on our own was really good for us.  But a whole week is even better! We are flying my mom out to take care of the kids. 

Both Dave and I are finding that the permanence of Rachel being gone is sinking in more and more. She has left us and she will not come back to us.  We will go to her.  And the reality of that is so hard sometimes.  I wonder if it will always feel like our family is incomplete.  Someday I might write more of how that is affecting us.  I also want to write more about our Berlin trip in general and I have tried a few times, but the words just aren't coming and I am not sure I know why.  So I will try again when we get back in a week!   


On God's path said...

Hi Kendra,

I am very glad that you were to get away, but also that many things were revealed to both of you at this time. The marriage retreat sounds wonderful and a great way to work through some things that might have been put off because of all the stresses that you were both facing.

So you were in the country that I have come to love! Prague or Praha is a beautiful city! I got to know the downtown area very well as I spent a day down there almost every week.

I will be praying for you both as you venture through next week.

Valerie Ruth said...

i think travel is hard on a couple no matter what and you have lots of extra stuff to deal with. i'll be thinking of you extra much this week while you're on retreat. but i think next time one of the grandmas get flown somewhere to babysit i'm going to demand to have equal rights!

fiona said...

i have to agree with valarie. travel is hard on couples . . . glad you are home safe and sound and trusting your marriage building week will be just that - a time to work hard and also a time to enjoy one another and rest in each other's love.

Lorissa said...

Praying your week away is refreshing and strengthening... to your marriage relationship and your individual relationships with God. May He continue to heal your hearts and bring you to a place of abundant life in the present, mixed with the anticipation of the future reunion with your beautiful daughter and loving Father. Praying for you!

Janet said...

Hi Kendra,
Nice to see your update again.It's always nice to be home again...isn't it.
We were on a marriage retreat some time after I went through the 2nd miscarriage.The retreat was a fun time & brought us back to when we first met.I pray God will minister to you both at this time.May you feel His peace & comfort.His timing is OH so great.
Love & prayers
Janet M

Carlana said...

Thanks for your honesty once again. You've gone through the most difficult thing a couple can go through. Then add the stresses that travelling can bring and it's not surprising there were some relational challenges! Hope the marriage retreat is fun, relaxing and meaningful.