"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Nine Years!!

Rachel seems to have rallied yet again.  She drank 120mls last night (still roughly half of her 'normal' feed).  She is still quite weak, no smiles yet but her eyes look much brighter.  We tried the dropper idea for awhile but she kept pushing it away.  And Rachel has never been the indecisive kind, so back to the bottle we went.

It is Dave and my 9th year anniversary today!! Dave made waffles for me this morning and put them on a beautiful, new set of dishes!!!  Ethan was so funny last night.  After repeatedly telling him not to tell mommy the secret, he said...'ok, ok,ok!!(in exasperation)...but mommy...(whispering now)..can I have some of the waffles too?" oh that boy cracks us up!  Then after our waffles, Abigail started crying because she hadn't been to our wedding and she wanted to know what it was like. So, we re-enacted it in the living room. (the very short version).  Abigail was the flower girl and Ethan was the ring bearer.  That was quite fun.  

We are taking turns having naps today.  Both of us feeling under the weather.  I have had some bad vertigo issues for the past three days.  My mom gets this alot, usually in spring.  (inner ear problem) so I'm wondering if that's it.  It's driving me a bit crazy actually.  My eyes are closed and I'm lying still and it still feels like the whole room is spinning.  Dave might have the flu - blech! I have this scrapbook that docouments what we did each anniversary day.  This year, I may just put the title "in good and bad" and take a picture of us looking really haggard with thermometers hanging out of our mouths or something. Forget trying to dress up this year - this is us, world.  We love each other.  And this love is good! The real stuff.  I am so blessed. We're hoping to go out for supper tonight though!! Friends are taking our two older kids for the evening!  


Brenda Funk said...

congratulations! And glad you can go for supper tonight! Hope you have a great time, and that Rachel will be peaceful during your supper. Glad the waffles worked out (or did they?). Dave was so pleased with the dishes -- hope you like them! I personally love new dishes.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary....nine years!!I remember being at your wedding. Enjoy that supper tonight. Love Roselle

Kathy and Carl said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the scrapbook idea and you just have to post your real picture for us all to see. You are right, with love that good, no need to dress up!

Janet said...

Blessings on your evening.Have a wonderful supper.
Always thinking of you all.
With prayers

bkneufeld said...

Happy Anniversary!
My other comment disappeared so I'll try again...I had a thought after reading one of your blogs about feeling like you've dropped the ball...it occured to me that there are many things that happen in life that we chalk up to "that's life". Computer glitches, car repairs, forgotten birthdays, speeding tickets, dirty dishes...stuff that's common to most of us. You however are not going through anything common...so I wanted to encourage you to have the freedom to "drop the ball", feel out of control, allow the mess to exist, and feel the feelings without explanations... I like what the pastor at my friend's 4mth grandson's funeral said to the family, "you are in a valley for as long as it takes" now at first it sounded negative but really, it gave them permission to stay there without feeling rushed. I say to you, you are running your race, fighting the good fight and keeping the faith...and God will not let you do it alone. I'm so glad that you have each other too.
And the love of so many family and friends and even strangers whose lives you've touched by being so open with your journey.
Love you so much, Aunt Brenda

Carlana said...

Happy Anniversary! We won't crash your Anniversary like we did last year!! I remember last year at this time hoping we'd make it in time to meet Rachel! I felt so stressed wondering if we should come sooner so we would for sure get to meet her. I remember she was a week and a half old and so precious. Now with plans to come see you at the end of this month, I again really hope I'll get to see Rachel! Happy Anniversary again. I'm so glad God brought you together. It was fun last year reminiscing about how it all began!

Kathy D. said...

Happy Anniversary. Regarding the vertigo Kendra, I get that occasionally and so does Randy. A good prescription medication is SERC, it works quite well.

hope you both feel better soon.

ps - I will be bringing a freezer meal on Sunday...the church hours don't work for us to drop it off sooner as we have one vehicle these days.