"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Broken Halleluiahs

Last night at 10 pm, we kissed Rachel good-night and Dave carried her downstairs to our respite worker.  Then soon after this I heard Dave yelling for me to get the drugs.  At first I couldn't believe it. Really?  She had been so happy today.  She was just hamming it up for our case worker that afternoon, looking so adorable in her candy cane sleeper.  We have videos of her laughing with her daddy.  I thought that all three kids were interacting with each other more than usual today too - they were so happy together.  A spell was the last thing on my mind at the end of this day. But she was in full distress by the time I met them in the kitchen.  We're not sure we have seen her fight one so hard - and this was so incredibly gut-wrenching...her whole body just fighting for a bit of oxygen. Yesterday, it was very hard to believe that she isn't experiencing pain with these - her cry at the start was so desperate, so full of pain.

But after awhile, she pulled out of it yet again.  And honestly, I had almost wished for her that this could be it.  I would rather that she died like that after a good day, then to go through an agonizing two weeks again.  But I guess it wasn't her time.  Later, after alot of tears, Dave and I were talking and he said, "Why does God keep pulling her out of these? Why let her recover again and again?" Medically speaking, this is supposed to be amazing.  But I can't say that this feels amazing.  I desperately want her to be free from these. Sometimes it is so hard for us to understand why God is not taking her yet. 

Ethan and Abigail were sleeping when it happened.  But the rest of the night was miserable.  They each got up a handful of times at different times for different reasons.  Nightmares, having to pee, needing water, needing us to pray for them.  And I was so restless to begin with, because of Rachel.  And I feel disappointed, almost cheated, that a good day can be gone, just like that - and become something else. The thought even crossed my mind that maybe we were under some kind of attack, that we need to pray for God's protection in our house. 

Several days ago, I was driving home from the gym and I heard Leonard Cohen's line on the radio, "Love is not a victory march.  It's a cold and it's a broken halleluiah." And inside I said, "Yes, that's it. That's how this feels."  To borrow a line from a friend, it does seem like we will reach heaven, not in some triumphant fashion, but limping, stumbling our way.  The important thing is that God will get us there.  He will carry us. 


Brenda Funk said...

So so sorry to hear that yet again. Sometimes it seems like life is indeed a very broken hallelujah. Praying for you to get through the day, for Dave to somehow be able to 'work'. Just seems like this is just too hard. Love to all of you.

paige said...

This is the first time i feel like i even can half imagine what her spells must be like.
Have you ever read the book "little pilgrim's progress"? i like to read it to my little ones whenever one of them is going into grade 1... i wonder if reading something like that with E & A would be helpful? It's such a tender exploration of a child's pilgrimage.
May the Comforter hold you all today.

Carol said...

kendra and david,
a lot of silence from us but for some reason you came to mind this morning, so I read your blog and was deeply moved by "broken hallelujahs" idea. am currently reading an NT Wright book Surprised by Hope....and you story blends with much of what he points to. our love and prayers with you today, carol and rodger

On God's path said...

Hi Kendra,

I will be honest with you, when I read that title today I thought that it was the end. I don't really know why perhaps just the broken word alone. It would have seemed so right for her to go to her Heavenly Father after a day like that. It is still those days that will hold you up in hard days. I will be in prayer for you all to have a restful sleep tonight. Many blessings Funk family!

Carol Verge said...

Dave and Kendra,
Many prayers being said for you at this time by me. At last I feel like someone else knows what I was going through with Chris. God is, and always will be, in charge of our lives. But when it seems like He is dangling our children's lives in front of us, it is so very hard to be understanding or sure of His ways of doing things. To this day I can remember hugging myself in a fetal position on Chris's bed wondering if this was the night I would lose my child. I cry with you so much these days.

Carol Taves said...

Dear Dave & Kendra,
Why, why why. . .there are just so many things we will never figure out. We are praying for you and for Rachel, Abigail and Ethan each day - may God give you courage and strength for the day, and peace in the midst of the struggle.