"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Stuff

Rachel's doing well.  She had her days and nights mixed up there for awhile as result of her spells.  But last night she was finally giving her respite worker more rest.  There have been a few times where we felt anxious about her crying.  Maybe we are just feeling a bit hypervigilant, but it's hard not to feel that way these days.         

I talked with a Dietician this afternoon about her constipation.  She was not in favor of using Benefibre because her fluid intake is so low on her good days.  Rachel could get really bunged up if she doesn't take in enough milk.  And it's usually given to kids age 6 and up. So, then we talked about using Lactulose, which is something we have talked about doing off and on for awhile.  (but haven't yet because she is so little) It draws water out from the bowel, which means she doesn't need to be taking in much fluid? Not sure I understood the difference but we're going to try it out.  I just have to go fill the prescription. 

You know how you go to a Doctor or Hospital with your child because you have a concern - and then they act completely healthy?? Well, a short time after we had this arranged she had her first big soft poop....followed by two more later in the day.  Ha ha...funny Rachel.  You heard me talk about medicine didn't you? She still had a hard time getting them out though - she was straining off and on all day.  So, we're still going to try the Lactulose.  I read that it can increase flatulence.  Great, my kids will get such a kick out of that;)

It seems pretty silly to mention this but.....I am happy that we no longer have to buy a dozen baby prune juice jars every week....or the small packs of NB diapers.  Superstore has a box of NB diapers now! Yeah, small joys.... 

Someone said "Congratulations" to me the other day when I was carrying Rachel out of Ethan's preschool.  That kinda took me by surprise!:)  Then I surprised her by saying that she was going to be a year old next month.  It was all good - we had a nice chat.  Still, it felt a bit strange to hear Congrats for my 10 month old baby!:)

We noticed a large bump on Rachel's lower gums this afternoon, but it wasn't where I would expect a tooth to be coming out.  A friend dropped by and when she beamed at him, we saw it.  Hopefully it won't cause too much trouble for her.  Abigail has had a nasty cold the last few days and there has been alot of stuff going on, so we're all a bit tired out....but overall, we are doing just fine.  I have felt some of the sadness lifting from last weekend and I have been able to enjoy my kids a bit more.      


Brenda Funk said...

Rachel may like lactulose -- my PCH residents mostly don't because it is very sweet and syrupy -- but a baby just might. Very effective.
Hope you have a great Easter weekend - eat lots of jelly beans! We will be missing you so much!

Janet said...

May you all have a very Blessed Easter.+
Much prayers are going out to you.
Janet M

Kari said...

We used Lactulose for awhile with Koren. The flatulence can cause some gas cramps just so your aware. We did lots of bicycle legs around our house while he was on it. The plus side though it really did help with the stool.

Julie said...

I don't know if you've tried or maybe it wouldn't be right for Rachel, but my son's constipation has been helped alot more by papaya than prunes. He is very prone to gas troubles, too, but papaya so far doesn't seem to bother him that way.
Looking forward to Rachel's birthday celebration!

fiona said...

kendra - just read your latest post and the thought came into my head that the Spirit of God is alive and at work within you. i think any other mom, not living in the power of the Spirit, would have given in or given up or just plain ceased to cope a long time ago. i see God in you as i read how you continue to go forward and continue to seek to love not only rachel, but ethan, abigail and david. i shall pray for more and more strength and deeper and deeper hope in the Lord.

Carol Taves said...

Thinking of you all today.