"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Monday, February 21, 2011

Rachel's Nine Month Birthday!

Wow.  Rachel is really nine months old.  She has now lived outside my womb as long as she has been in it.  Incredible..... 

My morning started at 7 am and by 10 am, I had already fed her 6 times.  I am already feeling the impact of my mom being gone.  David very generously took Rachel the whole night.  He only had one hour sleep before 7am.  He slept three hours yesterday in preparation and then slept this morning as well. (between you and me though, I think he was pretty happy about having an excuse to stay up and play computer games...he he...oh he is so going to get me for that one!) Honestly, it was really kind of him - I am so much grumpier when I have to do it.  And I am sleeping so much better these days! Later on in the morning, we had a visit from some dear friends who now live in Manitoba, and we took it easy for the rest of the day.  Here's Rachel (a bit unhappy with me for not getting her some milk!) with her new sock monkey from our friends.

I think Rachel has grown a bit more.  This blue sleeper is one of Abigail's old ones - I think it's a 3 month and it's just a tad big.  Dave thinks her cheeks have filled out a bit more too.  It's amazing that she could have such a wonderful few weeks just after her worst heart spells.   

Want to know something interesting?  At least, I think it is.  I had always noticed that Rachel's second toe often overlaps her third toe.  It seems like she and her cousin Isaiah have the same thing.  Isaiah just had surgery to correct his feet.  The Doctor released the tendon of the third toe.  Poor little guy isn't suppossed to run or jump for weeks.  I often wondered if Rachel's toes were doing something similar to her fingers (they have funny bends in them) but now I'm pretty sure it's not related.   I think it's interesting that she and her cousin have this in common - too bad they won't be able to commiserate someday;)  Although Isaiah will likely not remember his surgery...
Mostly Whatnot

And here's a pic of Rachel's toes. (yeah...it's funny how it takes seeing a picture to remind me that it's time to cut my kids nails....)

And here are some pictures Dave took while out on Nose Hill by himself this afternoon. You would hardly believe this is in Calgary.  Isn't God's creation amazing??!!

Nice Cuddly Porcupine

Lichen on Tree (about the size of a thumbnail)


Carol Taves said...

May you and Dave feel the presence of God in your hearts and lives as you go through this week. May you be able to find moments in all your busyness to sit at His feet and enjoy being in His presence and basking in His love for you. I'm glad for the time you had with your Mom, Kendra, and for Rachel's thriving in so many ways these days - how precious! I'm also thankful that Dave could get out and enjoy some nature time. Love you all!

Valerie Ruth said...

that's awesome! love the photo of her toesies too :)

Rachel Amariah said...

Oh babe, that was a low blow! As if I took Rachel just so I could play until late...!!

For all you readers, just note that not once did Kendra express this sentiment to me - no, she puts it on her blog!! Someone give her a good talking to (or a good blog comment) about marital communication. Sheesh.

Love you, Kendra Jayne - you keep my life interesting, and I'm so blessed to be on this journey with you.

ps. just a note re. the pic of the clump of lichen - its about the size of a thumbnail in real life. Beauty is everywhere.

Janet said...

Wow Rachel You are an amazing little girl.Happy "9 month old "birthday.Yay!!! :)We all love you very much.
That pic of the porcupine is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing the pics.
So good to hear that you're getting more sleep.=)
May Jesus continue to carry you.
Much love & prayers.
Janet M

Anonymous said...

Amazing photos Dave! So very beautiful. The porcupine looks so cuddly! Very cute how Rachel is matching her sock monkey, happy 9 months dear little girl... Love, jen

Brenda Funk said...

Happy Birthday Rachel! Wow -- seems like she is eating all the time lately -- wonder if she would do OK with a different bottle? Is she eating a little bit more at a time than she used to?
Marvelous pictures -- didn't know porcupines existed in AB! Never seen one in my life myself. Love you all!

fiona said...

God gives good gifts :D so glad to hear rachel has had such a lovely bit of time after those painful heart spells! she is an amazement and a beauty (and you've got an amazing man, yes you do :D - good on ya dave!!)