"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ethan's Five Today

Birthday Pictures have been added down below....!

Just a quick note today - We are enjoying our time at the Flames House.  Today is Ethan's birthday and we are celebrating later at supper.  Joe, our chef here, has made him a monster truck cake!! We went out this morning to Bowness Park and walked around on the ice pond  - with just the two older kids.  This is a rare opportunity and it was so good for us.

Rachel had her third RSV shot this morning and she did really well!!! And her mommy did well too.  We weighed Rachel and she is now 7 lbs and 6 ounces.  (although we are hoping to do a re-weigh later here because that seems pretty high!)  It really surprised me to learn that she has actually gained some!

We have switched the prune juice in Rachel's feeds for brown sugar (doctor's suggestion honest!:) )  to see if that will make a difference in her bm's - but not so far. She's still having some trouble with them.  she really seems to love the taste though! Her feeds have increased dramatically in size!  For months her largest feed has been 30 mls - and she did one feed of 60 mls yesterday!!!  She has also been throwing up - which might be because she is drinking too much too fast?? We hope she hasn't caught some kind of bug.  She seems pretty happy overall though - lots of smiles for everyone.

Here are some pictures of our birthday celebrations this weekend.....

Rachel's 8th month birthday cake - it doesn't even look like a cake does it??

Our family of five!  We invited our Calgary family to join us at the Flames House. (and a few friends showed up too!)  Thanks for celebrating with us. 
And Thanks to Joe for an amazing cake!

Monster Truck Cake....Thanks again Joe!!

John Deere - what a perfect gift.... 
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!


Kathy and Carl said...

Happy Birthday Ethan!!! Enjoy your awesome cake.

JoLynne said...

Aww, Happy Birthday Ethan! I can't wait to see pictures of this amazing cake! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ethan, I can't believe you're 5 years old - what a big boy! Hope you all enjoy the monster truck cake!!! Love, P&J

Brenda Funk said...

That is so awesome of Joe to make you a cake! He is a sweet guy. Hope you have a great time tonight. And great to hear how Rachel is growing/gaining weight. Who knows, with all her growing in length, even if she is a skinny little thing, she may have gained that much weight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ethan.

Rachel, you have a sweet tooth :-) Prune juice - no wonder you didn't want to eat!!!! Just kidding Mom.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to you Ethan.I can't wait to see your birthday cake.My nephew had a monster truck birthday cake too..I'm sure you'll have a great time eating it. =)
Much love & prayers to you all
Janet M

Carol Taves said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan! I hope your Monster Truck cake was DELICIOUS!! Could you drive it??
Delighted to hear Rachel is eating so much - I have to say I would prefer brown sugar to prune juice any day! I'm thankful that your family seems to be having a somewhat tranquil time between storms these last few weeks (well, except maybe for the sleep thing). Keeping you all in my prayers!

Brenda Funk said...

Oh I was worried for a bit that the 'barbie doll' cake was for Ethan! Did they make that cake at the hospice as well? Great shot of Ethan just finished blowing out his candles! He looks so very pleased. Love MOM

Janet said...

Wonderful pictures!.That is an amazing barbie cake.It sure doesn't look like a cake...I LOVE that monster cake & the cars on it.What a great job that Joe did on the cakes.Looks like it was a fun time.
Love & prayers
Janet M