"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Memorial/Celebration Services

And the day dawns on a very different world....oh, we miss her so much already.  I want to run downstairs and get her from our respite worker.  I want to hold her so very badly and feel her reach up and touch my face and see her silly smile.  I want to see her shake her head because she wants me to growl and bite her feet.  Some of the shock is wearing off and now the pain is hitting. Thank-you so much for praying for us.  We need God's help to get through this day and the ones that are ahead!

We have now settled on the following times for services.

Viewing - Tuesday 7:00 - 8:00pm
                 Pierson Funeral Home
                      4121 17 Avenue Southeast, Calgary
   *This is simply a come and go.  Please feel free to bring your children. 

Memorial Service, followed by refreshments
                                 -  Wednesday 4:00 pm
                                 Abbeydale Christian Fellowship 
                                 1352 Abbeydale Drive SE Calgary
             * Children are Welcome!  But fyi - Child care will also be provided for children ages 1-3 during the service. 

A Private Burial will take place at the Mennville EMC Cemetary on Friday August 12, followed by a 
Celebration Service on Friday 3:00 pm at the Riverton Gospel Chapel in Riverton, MB.  (and refreshments afterwards as well) All are welcome to join us at the celebration service. 


Anonymous said...

Oh Kendra and Dave, we are praying for you. Sending you all of our love at this time.

Darren and Amy

Debbi said...

I know your heart is breaking
Mine is hurting for you.
I linked to my blog so that others could pray for you
Debbi http://atoosassygal.blogspot.com/

fiona said...

dave and kendra, ethan and abigail,
may our God of comfort, comfort your aching and breaking hearts. may He hide you in the cleft of the rock as the storms of pain crash in on you, may He give you beautiful dreams of rachel dancing with Jesus and the angels, may He surround you with love and care and kindness from His body here on earth, may He keep hope alive in your hearts, may He give you grace to grieve as a family, may He be gentle as you walk through this valley of death, may He take away all fear . . .

we love you so much. we are crying here in our home for all of you. we thank God that rachel did not suffer greatly in her passing.

fiona (and steve)

Carol Taves said...

Dear Dave, Kendra, Ethan & Abigail,
Our hearts ache for all of you today - Rachel will be greatly missed by all who knew her. We are holding you up in prayer today - may God carry you through today with his great strength and infinite love and compassion. May He lead you gently through this part of your journey. We love you and are thinking of you all.
Tim, Carol John, Ezra & Chris

Anonymous said...

I so wish this had a different ending. Praying for you guys and sending love your way.

Luis & Esther Pitta said...

Our hearts hurt and at the same time rejoyce for the life of Rachel;thank you God for the lives you touched by one of your own. Kendra, David, Ethan and abigail, May the Lord sorround you with his love and peace through this difficult time.

Antonio & Esther Pitta

stephseef said...

We prayed for you yesterday. I just had a sense that yesterday's spell was significant.... and then to find this news this morning - well, there are no words. Except to give you hope, and peace. May the Lord Jesus be very near to you even as Rachel as realized her truest, most-whole self in the presence of Jesus.

annamarie said...

Kendra and family, our hearts ache for you. She inspired us from day one...and will continue to do so through you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with so many. Peace and prayers, Annamarie, Eve, Paul, Jack, Ellle

Anonymous said...

Dave, Kendra, Ethan and Abigail...
There are no words to ease to pain, but I am so sorry you are suffering. There is no loss like the loss of a child. I wish those of us suffering along side you could relieve some of your pain, I wish it were that way, but I hope knowing you and your precious family and sweet Rachel have touched so many lives does help in some small way. Love, strength and prayers for you all, Emma

Sandy said...

I wish I had some amazing words to help right now, but they have left me. Please know that we are praying for you and your family at this time. I have linked your blog on my FB for prayer requests.

Darcy and Mandy Plett said...

Your truly in our thoughts and prayers Dave and Kendra. We hurt with you and your family.

Darcy and Mandy Plett

Joyce Rochel said...

Dear Precious family.
God brought these verses to my mind when I heard about Rachel being gently passed into Jesus' Arms.
""For Rachel shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace. The mountians and the hills shall break forth into singing before her
and all of the trees of the feilds shall clap their hands"
Isaiah 55 verses 12 and 13
Our hearts are with you and Sarah and I will be praying for you as God heals your hearts and your empty arms.
Lovinly and prayerfully
Joyce and Sarah

Michelle said...

I've also been following your sweet girl. I am so very sorry for your loss. She has touched so many lives. Your family will be in thoughts and prayers. I hope you find hope in Gods promise of the resurrection, where you will get to hold your baby girl again.

Melissa said...

Sorry I didn't get to stay, To laugh and run and play, To be there by your side, I'm sorry I had to die. God sent me down to be with you, To make your loving heart anew. To help you look up and see both God and Little me. Mommy, I wish I could stay just like I heard you pray, But all the angels did cry when all they told me was goodbye. God didn't take me because he's mad. He didn't send me here to make you sad. But to give us both a chance to be a love so precious...don't you see?
Up here no trouble do I see and pretty angels sing to me. The streets of gold is where I play. You'll come here too, mommy someday.
Until the day you join me here, I'll love you mommy dear. Each breeze you feel and see brings love and a kiss from me.

This was a favorite poem of mine when I lost my daughter. Praying for you and your family.


Arlene Bergen said...

Hebrews 11: 13-16,40 God is Eternal, El Olam, and has set eternity in our hearts so goodbyes hurt so much! We're praying that the hope of something better, that which is perfect, that God has planned for us when we are all together will comfort and sustain you in this painful time. We are praying for your family.