"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Weekend

Our main respite worker was unable to come in last night.  She wasn't feeling well and I really hope she is ok today.  Dave and I did our usual.  I took the first shift until 4am and Dave took over from there.  I find 3am - 4am to be the worst stretch, maybe because she tends to have spells around 3am.  But she was ok, just needing to eat in many shifts.  It's almost better not trying to sleep at all so I started reading a book that a friend (Paige Beselt) wrote and I could not stop.  I know I haven't met you Paige, but I already feel like you are a friend:)  It's called "40 Weeks".  (click on the title for info on Amazon) Wow.  It's a novel, about a mother's loss of her baby in miscarriage and her journey through a second pregnancy.  I thought her writing was so honest, so beautifully written.  It really took me back to the time when we lost our first baby and I am already thinking of who else I can share this book with.  Thank-you for keeping me company last night Paige!!  

Then at 5am I went to bed and slept for six hours straight! Dave had to cancel his plans for the day so we can recover. He was also planning to take the kids out to Church Camp tonight but he's going to leave tomorrow morning instead.  I had originally thought of going out for one day but in the end we decided that it would be just too much with Rachel's feeds etc...We have another respite worker coming in for the next couple nights and I'm so excited about having a bit of time to myself at home.  I still have plans for tomorrow though - a very close friend (and her family) coming in tomorrow from Sk! And then on Sunday night, my parents arrive!!!! We are tired now but REST IS COMING!! There sure is alot of pressure on us these days and this rest is coming at a time when we really need it.  We have date plans Laura!:)


paige said...

o wow, kendra - that means so much to me. Thanks so much for the shout out. i had Fawne over today & thanked her again for "introducing me" to your family.
i told her i had this passage that comes to mind whenever i think of you guys, it's Ephesians 5:15-20 - especially the part about, "making the most of every opportunity"... There's something about the way that you have been intentional in letting God speak through you that has left an eternal impression on me. i'm so grateful. (*Thank you, Rachel!!*)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Kendra!! Just know I think you are doing amazing!
Hang in there!
Love Laura