"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rachel is doing very well.  Dave and I moved into the Flames House with her yesterday....and my parents took the other two to Banff!! (we'll see them again tomorrow morning) We were wondering how Rachel would do here because she has been making strange alot more lately.  (we still think of her as a baby because she is so little but 13 month olds make strange, right?) But when we got back from our dinner and movie (just the two of us!!!) she was hamming it up with the nurses, definetly ok with being here.  Dave and I are having a wonderful time relaxing here too.  Being without the kids was very disorienting at first, kind of stressful to be honest, and it is taking me a bit of time to get used to this but now I am looking forward to the day ahead! We just slept in till 8:30 and now we're going for a walk on this beautifully sunny day. I have so missed being outdoors! There's so much more I would like to write, about my reading lately in particular.  Maybe I will get a chance later....but right now, I'm going on a walk with my husband!! Wooo hooo!!  

ps - for Angela:), and anyone else who wants to know - 'making strange' is not wanting to be held by strangers, or anyone other than his/her parents.  (used to talk about babies) Is there anyone else who didn't know that expression?  Do you have another way to say this? Linguistics was my minor and it's interesting to me to hear about these things!:)    


Angela said...

So happy for you! Enjoy these time together!

P.S. Forgive my ignorance, but what on earth is "make strange"? I've never heard that here in Minnesota :)

Noella said...

Enjoy your hubby time! I'm so glad that you are able to get some time to relax. And as to sleeping in til 8:30...well I'll just say I'm so glad for you, (and completely jealous)enjoy it.

paige said...

oh - God provided you an oasis... makes me wanna cry.
Was thinking today about His great compassion. Someone i know questioned whether or not God really has a hand... a *finger*... in the little things in our lives.
i can't help but believe He does.

Brenda Funk said...

So happy you have a few days 'off'!! See you soon.

Marge said...

I chuckled when I read your expression "making strange." I haven't heard it for years, but when I was a kid growing up in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin, we heard it all the time. When a baby fussed when a stranger held him, the expression was "oh, he's just making strange."

Blessings on your few days of relief!

stephseef said...

I've been in Wisconsin my entire life, and have NEVER heard the phrase 'Making Strange". But it's perfectly descriptive!!

Praying for you all. Grateful for respite.

kristenspyker said...

I have also never heard 'making strange" I figured you were referring to her pooping! hahahah
Logan also doesn't want anyone to hold other than Mom and Dad. For him its because of the trauma of the hospital he isn't very trusting towards other people. Glad to hear you got a break. Sending hugs. Think about you often.
Oh and lastly, I just call it stranger anxiety!

Kari said...

That is too funny. I always use the phrase "making strange" I always refered to it as the child sees the person as a stranger and is scared by them, out of there comfort zone. The doctors at the childrens hospital here have used it with Koren quite a few times :P

Elizabeth said...

I got here from a missionary friend's blog and have never commented before, but just had to chime in to say that I had NEVER heard of "making strange," and had to go look it up. I'm from Massachusetts. Then again, I don't have kids and therefore am not accustomed to mommy terminology.

Janet said...

Oh Ya! That phrase is as old as the hills...in Canada EH!.Ha-ha, :D
I guess we all have our little sayings.That is cute.:)
Happy Canada Day to you all.
Love & prayers