"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seven pounds fourteen ounces

I took Rachel to the Children's this afternoon for her 5th RSV vaccination. She has one more left and then we are finally done with those.  Rachel was pretty angry with us afterwards but it didn't last long.  I still remember how stressful those first ones were... 

Rachel is now 7 lbs and 14 ounces.  So, she may yet make 8 lbs! These are some pictures of the kids playing with Rachel yesterday.  Rachel has been so content lately! It's wonderful....life feels quite manageable these days.  And having night respite again is so heavenly! We are booked to go in to the Flames House for five days at the start of April as well.  Because we have done such a long stretch without respite, we don't have to be so stingy with hours anymore.  Yay for sleep!  

I tried feeding Rachel some "pear" baby food yesterday too.  One of our doctors has recommended trying to give her some food.  And it's what I expected - this really doesn't work well at all and feels like alot of effort with nothing gained.  It has to be watered down ALOT and even then she can only swallow a very tiny dab at a time. (and after I blow in her face a bit - a trick doctors use to get kids to swallow their medicine) I have found that the best thing to do is to stick the soother in it and let her suck on it.  Kind of fun to see the expression on her face - she wasn't too sure of pear. We have tried whip cream and ice cream before. (same response) But she threw up twice after each one.  We have also tried those rice crackers but she's completely uninterested.  So, not a huge success so far, but I would like to keep trying a few more foods just for fun....I'll let you know how it goes:)     
Getting smothered in kisses over here...

Ethan giving Rachel a bracelet he made for her...from his Chirps magazine


Brenda Funk said...

Oh, I miss all of you!

Noella said...

Aiden just commented that Abigail has really long hair and "it's so pretty".

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rachel. No one should be required to eat pears, period.