"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day Three of Chicken Pox

Ethan woke a few times because he was really itchy but it looks like this is starting to slow down. I don't think I see any new ones that popped up through the night.  He says his throat bothers him though.  No sign on Abigail yet and it is pretty likely that we will have to wait a few weeks before they show up on her. 
There's lots on my head that you can't see.....
Overall, not so bad though....!
I have had a hard time sleeping again, mostly because I am feeling so anxious about Rachel and this whole chicken pox thing.  I so wish I had immunized the kids now and I know there's no point even thinking about it because it is too late, but I still think and worry and waste time on regret.  Good news though! Dave's mom and sister (and her little boy) are coming out to help us this week!! They are leaving tomorrow morning from Manitoba.  Yay!

I'm thinking of my brother Kelsey alot this morning.  He has corrective dental surgery at 11:40am that we are all concerned about.  He had some wisdom teeth extracted in Mexico recently, as well as some other things done (it was way cheaper than having all this done here) and it turns out that they weren't able to close the holes properly and the jaw is sticking out on both sides.  So now the dentist here has to file away both sides and then attempt to cover it.  The specialist here says he has never seen such a bad case and there are risks of nerve damage to his tongue (1 in 15 chance of his whole tongue losing feeling!) God, give courage and peace.  God, I ask for protection too. Help this dentist to correct this problem without causing others. 

(Sun morning) update on Kelsey - the Dentist said the surgery went very well!! Yay! He told him to take lots of drugs and watch Rambo movies.  Kelsey says it doesn't feel too badly though.  And he has a good friend to help him through it;)


jodi said...

"...those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength" (Isa. 40:31a) - i've been praying this verse for you guys since i read about the chicken pox hurdle. God, renew this family's strength. i'm thanking Him, too, for the love of friends and family in your life - He is watching over you.

Kathy and Carl said...

Praying for protection for baby Rachel and that Ethan gets over the chicken pox quickly.

And for your brother too and his surgery and recovery.

paige said...

My other littles broke out i think 16 days after the first child broke out...
praying for your family.

Janet said...

We will pray for protection for Rachel.
I know it's hard not to scratch,BUT try not to.I hope those chicken pox's don't last long.
I just called a friend & your brother is now in prayer.
Much love
Janet M

fiona said...

ah! i just read your blog now and caught up on the news . . . kendra, i can just imagine your heart wishing you had immunized - my mother's heart feels along with you . . . what tough calls we make as parents - how i agonized over the whole H1N1 immunization thing (and never did immunize and then freaked right out when nadia came down with those exact symptoms because you know i thought God had lead me not to immunize but then i thought He would of course not allow my children to get ill, right? ) . . . but you know, God is ultimately in control even if we make the "wrong" decision. and we make decisions all the time based on what we feel is best for our kids. God knows this and has grace for us and our kids. i shall pray for these pox to pass quickly and not to spread and dear Lord, please grant rest to the Funks, whom You love and do protect dear ethan's tender heart from feeling he is the cause of his parents stress and little sisters tentative situation.

Anonymous said...

Praying for sleep for you. You need your rest - Dave too.

You know whatever happens you are an awesome mother to all three children.

Carol Taves said...

I'm so glad Brenda & Val are on their way to you - praying for safe and speedy travel for them. When you reach the absolute end of your resources (energy, patience, courage, etc.) may you find God's grace to be sufficient for you. Praying for you today.