"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Something Fishy Going on...

There's something fishy going on.....

Yesterday evening, we answered the door bell to find no-one there - But we did see supper sitting on the steps for us - and the back of a car speeding away...The card had a nice jingle on it about the First Day of Christmas. Then this afternoon, another door bell...and another gift.  (I love the soap by the way - it was on my Christmas list, how did you know?) And another card about the Second Day of Christmas. 

hmmmm.....who could this be?  Ethan thought this was the greatest - he couldn't stop talking about our mysterious givers.  (the cards were signed "the Christmas spirit") Thank-you whoever you are! It sure does brighten our spirits here!

Very good timing on the hand soap and towel.  Abigail threw up four times last night.  We had planned to be at the Flames House tomorrow until Dec. 20th but that's on hold now.  Rachel has been quite fussy from the afternoon on today too - and not eating much.  I'm nervous that she is also getting this flu.  She really does not need this.  She eats so little to begin with...and has so little extra energy - this could be so hard on her. 

Other good news (not for sure yet) - there is a good chance that we will get more respite hours.  Right now, we have enough for 15 nights a month.  In January we hope, that will change to 20 nights per month! While we love the Flames House, we notice that going back and forth has been hard on our kids.  This way, we will be able to stay home more.   

Thank-you dear friends for you friendship.
ps - glad we could get in some absolutely phenomenal chocolate cake before the flu....thanks guys.
oh there are so many ways we feel cared for by you....

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fiona said...

what fun :D it is so lovely to hear about how you are being loved by the body of christ and your community. we love you too - although we are so far away . . . our kids checked out your blog pics again this afternoon and got pretty fixated on the MRI ones. this is a big motivator for our kids to pray for all of you. they have great empathy for rachel! as for the stomach flu - may God grant rachel's immune system great strength and may He also grant you and dave superhuman abilities to continue to go with too little sleep . . . praise God for the increased respite hours!