"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Sudden Growth Spurt

On Thursday my parents decided spur of the moment to jump in the car and drive to Calgary! The fields were much too wet to do anything and they didn't know when their next opportunity would be to see us.  It was so good to have them.  I was still sick.  My voice started coming back yesterday and I wanted to talk!  But it was so wonderful to have them here.  They stayed two full days. Mom took Rachel one whole night for us so we could rest.  Rest being the key word because I coughed pretty much all night.  You are right Roselle....there should be a law against moms of young kids getting sick! Thank-you everyone for your notes and well wishes and prayers!! We also had some special visitors from Manitoba drop in on Sunday night. 

Mom and I also went shopping for Rachel because she has had a little growth spurt!! She is now wearing one month sleepers from Sears. (7 lbs) They look pretty baggy on her but when she stretches out her legs, they almost reach the ends.  We also graduated her to Newborn diapers tonight! (The preemies still fit better but she was wetting them through.) This is great because it is a bit hard to find preemie diapers.  We think she may have gained a bit of weight - and we will know very soon because...we are going back to the Flames House tomorrow!!

We are falling more and more in love with our little girl.  There are so many thoughts, so many things I want to write about here - tough questions and conversations I am chewing over.  But not the time to do it.  If you see me, feel free to ask me about it though!  I'd love to share with you in person what is on my heart - what we are wrestling with these days in relation to Rachel and what God has been teaching me.  I want to hear your heart too!  Thanks again for being our friends in this journey.  Good-night! 
ps - one more thing: Does anyone know where to find doll socks?? the NB socks are waaaaay too big.  
Listening to Rachel's heart on May 22
- picture by NILMDTS


Valerie Ruth said...

i've been thinking about you guys a lot. glad flames time is coming! i'll continue to pray that you get over this terrible cold! i like this photo. must be the nurse in me...

Kari said...

Doll socks: There is a company called Maplelea that has socks for 18 inch dolls they are 7.49 for two pairs. Kinda on the pricer side but maybe worth checking out. There is a website out of the states called dollpartssupply.com they have really sweet ones for about $2.00 each. I hope that helps.

fiona said...

dave and kendra, i LOVE the worship music that plays while i read your blog. sometimes it makes me too emotional so i mute it, but for the most part it is such a wonderful reminder to me of how amazing and good and kind God is, even in the midst of such pain and heartache. your little rachel looks as beautiful as ever in the photo you posted - that sweet girl is going from love to love to love.

Anonymous said...

She is so very sweet and adorable....L-lew