"He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm,
and carry them close to his heart, and shall gently lead those that are with young." Isaiah 40:11

Friday, June 18, 2010

Rachel is One Month Today

I haven't written for awhile - both because things have been a bit crazy around here and also because I just haven't known what to write.  I was feeling pretty down yesterday and the gloomy weather isn't helping.  I received a few emails from people just letting me know they noticed I hadn't written lately and wondered how we're doing.  Thank-you!! I have such good friends.  It's quite amazing how many people have been following our story...thank-you for your notes of encouragement and most importantly, for your prayers! I know that God is carrying us.
Rachel is still doing about the same.  We had another apointment with the Cardiologist yesterday.  Her oxygen saturation levels are still about the same - in the 50th percentile.  She is still 4 pounds.  We also measured her length.  She is 17.5 inches long. I realized last week sometime that we never did hear what her birth length was and it turns out that it wasn't even done.  We had given instructions for Rachel to be given to us as soon as possible after birth.  Just a small thing but I would have liked to know this anyway. This morning I got a call from a nurse who told me there was a request from Edmonton for her Metabolic screening to be done.  (she was not aware that this had been waved because of the circumstance).  It was strange to get that call and to explain the situation yet again.
I'll try and write some more later.  Just wanted to let you know that we are doing alright.  My Mom and Grandma are out here until tomorrow and that's been wonderful.  Dave and I are on our way out for a supper date with Rachel! It will be so good to be out of the house for awhile...


Cindy said...

Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

Janet said...

Oh! I am so happy you gave us another update.My heart is going out to you all so much..I am praying the breath of Jesus will flow through Rachel,& her oxygen level will go up.
.That supper date will be so good for you both.You both need it.ENJOY!! :)
Love & prayers
Janet M

Carol Taves said...

Hey Kendra, we missed you at the girl's night out birthday bash! Please know that you are being prayed for often and by many. As you are gifted with extra time with Rachel, it also becomes a bit of a longer haul than you were geared up for, so I pray for daily strength, endurance and joy, even when the "crisis adrenalin" (not a technical/medical term, just my own) dissipates. I pray that you will have time for personal renewal and be refreshed this weekend. Love you all.

Joan Bailey said...

Dear Kendra
I found your blog through Rachel Friesen and have been reading and praying for you and your precious baby and family. I have cried with you and been so inspired with your courage. You are on the road not often taken and that makes all the difference for the rest of your days. To see this beautiful baby is to love her and to feel your joy and your pain is to love you. You have been called to live an amazing heartache, but I know when we meet some day on the other side, you will have your little Rachel with you forever with no more pain or sorrow. May God hold you each day in the palm of His hand. May He have you prepared each day for the gifts and troubles that day may bring. God bless all your dear children and you and Dave. With prayer

amandadahmes said...

Im so gald you made a post. I was praying everything was alright.. I was wondering if you had a facebook? my name is amanda jane dahmes and if you do I would love it if you would add me.. Many prayers out to you and your family.. <3 HUG

fiona said...

kendra, i too have been hoping for another post . . . but i know that i have a very difficult time finding quiet time and space to be on line with three little ones at home - and when i do have that time, i don't often want to spend all of it on the computer :D
being a stay-at-home to three is certainly difficult and i have some very tough days and i don't have the stress and strain of a sick baby the way you do! you are amazing in every way and i want you to know that i think of you and pray for you every day! you are not alone my friend and fellow mother. much love now as always!

Elmer said...

Yes -- thanks for the update. Often don't know what to say to encourage you (and me to a lesser degree), but know that God cares and loves you and has His loving arms around you. MOM

Kathy and Carl said...

Happy One Month Rachel! Glad that your Mom and Grandma have been out, spending time with you all. Hope you have a wonderful date out.